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              Finished Dies
              Finished Dies

              Finished Dies

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              When people talk about cars, the body of the car first appears in front of them. That is to say, the body is the identifying assembly of the car. The body represents the image characteristics of that car. In a narrow sense, automobile die is the general name of the die for punching all stamping parts on the automobile body. That is "automobile body stamping die". For example, the roof flanging die, the forming die for cross member reinforcement.

              The main component of the automobile die is the cover panel die. This type of die is mainly a cold die. In a broad sense, "automobile die" is the general term for the dies used to manufacture all parts of automobiles. For example, stamping dies, injection dies, forging dies, casting wax dies, glass dies, etc.

              The stamping parts on the car body are roughly divided into cover panels, beam panels and general stamping parts. The stamping panels that can clearly express the image characteristics of the automobile are automobile panels. Therefore, the specific automobile die can be said to be "automobile cover stamping die". referred to as automotive panel die. For example, front door outer panel trimming die, front door inner panel punching die, etc.

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