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              About / Development path-Botou Xingda Automobile Dies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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              / About / Development path

              In 1992,   Xingda Automobile Mould Manufacturing Plant in Botou City was established;

                Tianjin Technology Center was established in 2003 ;

                Xingda Foundry Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 ;

              In 2009, it  was rated as "China's key backbone mold enterprise" by China Mould Association, and Anhui Fuda Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established;

              In 2010,   Tianjin Ogihara Xingda Body Technology Co., Ltd. (joint venture) was established;

              In 2013, it   was awarded the title of Excellent Mold Supplier by SAIC General Motors and the title of Advanced Enterprise in Safety Production Management in the city.

              In 2015,   signed an academician workstation with Academician Chen Yunbo of China National Academy of Machinery and won the Best Delivery Award from SAIC-GM

              In 2016,   Langfang Fuyada Automobile Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established;

              2017   won the SAIC-GM - Best Supplier Award; won the 2017 Outstanding Supplier Award of Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi

              Won the Excellent Supplier Award of Beijing Benz in 2018 ; Won the Excellent Supplier Award of GAC Mitsubishi in 2018;

              Established Meiyada New Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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              ADDRESS:Jiaohe Town, Botou City, Hebei Province

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